In-Vehicle PC Services

Steatite Rugged Systems can offer a variety of rugged vehicle mounting solutions to complement our range of semi and fully rugged mobile computers.

Vehicle DockIn many situations the use of a mobile computer or device within the vehicle is an essential part of the daily routine, to the extent that the vehicle is an extension of the normal office environment. With the ever increasing need for connectivity and reliable systems, the addition of a docking station solution within a vehicle can greatly enhance the reliability of a system and assist in IT productivity within the vehicle.

We recognize that a poor installation will cause project delays and add unnecessary expense. At the top of our agenda is the aim to make things as easy as possible for our customers. That's why we provide an on-site installation service and all our systems are installed completely set up and ready for you to use immediately.

Steatite Rugged Systems is partnered with a trusted vehicle installation provider with over 15 years’ experience in installing vehicle-based computing equipment. We have the facility to install our mobile solutions into almost any vehicle. Steatite Rugged Systems will work closely with the customer and our installation partner to produce a detailed rollout program which minimizes disruption to the customer’s day-to-day operations. The installation of any vehicle computer should be treated as a major part of any project.

Any docking station solution we provide is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile workforce, from a functional, ergonomic and connectivity perspective, as well as ensuring the health & safety of the end user is maintained.

tablet in-vehicle dockWhether you need to connect a single antenna or a multitude of USB / serial ports to your mobile device, Steatite Rugged Systems can help you. We will do our best to meet your exact requirements. From a single vehicle to a fleet consisting of hundreds we can help with all your installation needs.

Whatever your chosen piece of hardware, Steatite Rugged Systems can help you to develop a vehicle mounting solution for your equipment. We can install computer and communications equipment into a wide range of vehicle types. We will help you to select the right mounting hardware for your requirements to ensure the most cost effective, practical and reliable installation.

The installation of computer equipment into a vehicle or fleet of vehicles requires a great deal of planning. There are many aspects to consider, ranging from availability of the vehicles through to the most suitable positioning of the equipment in the vehicle, and we can offer valuable assistance to our customers in order to ensure a successful roll out. Our previous experience includes installations in to both the Emergency Service (See our Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Case Study for a recent example) and Utility sectors. 

We can offer a service to survey your vehicles to identify and document the most suitable location for the equipment to be fitted. We would always suggest that we carry out this survey with all associated computer hardware to ensure that the most favourable arrangement is selected. We can also ensure that any wiring looms will accommodate the entire solution.

We have previously offered installations into many different vehicle types and we understand the problems associated with user ergonomics. You can rest assured that any installation we undertake for you takes full account of these often overlooked factors.

Let us take the complexities and hassle out of custom vehicle computer installations and create a complete, flexible and professional mobile computing solution for you at an extremely competitive price.

To find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, call us on +44(0)1527 512400, drop us an email at or download our Steatite Company Overview for more information on all our capabilities.

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