Leasing & Finance

Take full advantage of competitive leasing rates for the acquisition of mobile computing solutions.

Leasing is already widely used in business and allows businesses to free up cash previously spent buying other equipment outright in a tax efficient manner.

By leasing, your business retains the cash in the business can be kept to work growing the business. The cash retained can instead be used for buying stock in bulk to save money, advertising to attract new customers, taking on more staff, settling loans etc. It is also ensures you maintain greater liquidity within the business should the need to have immediate cash available arise.

Leasing is effectively a rental agreement between you and the leasing company which allows you to acquire the rugged mobile equipment you need to run your business without having to purchase outright. It typically involves a contract between you and the finance company, the lessor, where you pay a monthly fee, usually monthly direct debit.

Please contact us directly to obtain a personalized lease quotation.

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