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At Steatite Rugged Systems, we offer a carefully chosen range of rugged portable solutions to meet your industry specific needs and back this up with a full support service. In addition Steatite can fully configure or customize most rugged portable models to meet your requirements.

A rugged portable computing product such as a waterproof laptop is designed for operation in the toughest of environments however, on occasion standard specification rugged laptops or tablets require adaptation to specific applications and connectivity. To support these requirements, Steatite offers a professional engineering & customization service.

Our team of experienced engineers are available to design and build rugged mobile platforms that suit your requirements without limiting the standard features on rugged products, and conquering your challenges at work even under extreme environmental conditions. With Steatite you can be confident of a professional, no compromise quality service.

In-House CAD Design

Our substantial investment in the very latest CAD design technology means we can draw, modify and optimize designs and modifications to our range of rugged products with meticulous accuracy and precision.

Using the latest Solidworks Professional CAD development software, we can transform your ideas into working blueprints in order to visualize how your design will look and perform prior to full prototype commitment. Solidworks is a complete 3D product design solution, providing our development team with mechanical design, verification, data management and communication tools all within the same package. This software is the first validation software created to enable engineers and designers to improve on product quality and safety by testing 3D CAD models under real world conditions prior to manufacture.

This in conjunction with our rapid prototyping services can significantly reduce costs and lead times for your bespoke designs.

COTS Product Modification

Our comprehensive product portfolio provides an unparalleled selection of rugged consumer “off-the-shelf” solutions to cater for almost all eventualities, however do we recognize that on occasion the customer may have need for something that isn’t necessarily available without compromise. Our skilled design and team can modify COTS equipment to meet your specific requirements. Our sales and engineering teams will work closely with you to modify the product around your particular needs.

Pre-Compliance Testing

Steatite Rugged Systems has a dedicated 16,000 ft² engineering facility in Oxfordshire which is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment to pre-compliance test and verify our hardware solutions to the following standards:

  • MIL-STD-810G
  • MIL-STD-461F
  • DEF-STAN 59-41
  • DEF-STAN 00-35
  • Environmental
  • Shock & Vibration
  • EMC
  • CE Certification

Pre-Compliance testing is particularly useful if you are in the early stages of a project and are still refining the solution or you have a requirement to test the durability and suitability of the product prior to undergoing a full certification project.

Testing this way can save money in the long term as it helps to ratify the product before going ahead with full certification, saving delays and costly re-tests during the approval project.

Our pre-compliance services are available to all our customers.

Project Management

Our experienced team of security-cleared staff are here to provide assistance and advice through the full life-cycle of a project. Complexities of projects and lack of specialist expertise are some of the barriers to effective project management. Shortfalls in effective management of a project will ultimately result in customer dissatisfaction.

Our Project Managers are available on a consultative basis to assist you with your requirements and ensure you meet with your budgetary constraints and timelines. With a strong portfolio of extensive experience in various verticals, our project managers work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

Our Project management professionals are PRINCE2™ accredited and our facilities are fully equipped with full project management and strategic planning capabilities.

Supply Chain Management

Steatite is a signatory to the SC21 programme (otherwise known as the National Action Plan for 21st Century Supply Chains). SC21 presents a set of improvement and relationship principles that have been developed and adopted by a rapidly growing number of businesses in the UK Aerospace and Defence industry. It provides a framework for improving the effectiveness of supply chains, and recognises that supply chains form and reform depending on the industry, programme or platform requirements. SC21 companies are committed to working together through three key streams to improve efficiency, remove duplication in doing business, and lower overheads and costs.

Document Control

As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited establishment, Steatite Rugged Systems adheres to an extremely stringent set of internal guidelines governing document control. Effective document control is an essential preventive measure ensuring that only approved, current documentation is used throughout our organization. Inadvertent use of out-of-date documents can have significant negative consequences on quality, costs and - most importantly - overall customer satisfaction.

Steatite Rugged Systems has invested heavily in dedicated staff, detailed procedures and specialized software to keep control of our QMS and other business documents.

Regular scheduled audits (both internal and external) ensure that our document control is maintained meticulously. Customer-initiated audits are actively encouraged as we maintain this helps to promote customer confidence in our quality of service.

To find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, call us on +44(0)1527 512400, drop us an email at or download our Steatite Company Overview for more information on all our capabilities.

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