Product Configuration

Steatite Rugged Systems’ product configuration services ensure that your rugged systems are pre-programmed, pre-configured, labeled and fully-integrated ready to be deployed.

Our Product Configuration Services consist of four different services and you can choose one or all to suit your project requirements saving you both time and the cost of carrying this out internally. We offer:

  • Extended Burn-In
  • Custom Labeling & Asset Tagging
  • Pre-Programming & Configuration
  • Custom Solution Integration

Extended Burn-In

Although our suppliers follow stringent QA procedures, it is a fact of life that the occasional faulty component will slip through and reach customers. Through Extended Burn-In, we extensively test every factory-manufactured product before we ship it to you to ensure that it is fully operational.

Through Extended Burn-In Factory Manufactured Products Are:

  • Programmed to customer specifications
  • Powered up
  • Tested in action
  • Run in-use for an extended period of time


  • Product is extensively tested in-use for durability and functionality for peace of mind out of the box.

Custom Labeling & Asset Tagging

Through our custom labeling service, we can custom label any device, external box, software or IP address to your desired specifications for easy setup and staging.

  • Physical Equipment Labeling – A standard or customized label is applied to all physical system components.
  • Electronic Equipment Tagging – An electronic label tag is created to provide easy component identification.
  • Shipping Labeling – Shipping labels are applied to the solution boxes to reduce the need to open boxes to identify prior to installation and deployment.
  • Asset Tagging – Products are labeled for easy identification and recovery.


  • Every component is custom labeled (Devices, software, IP addresses, location etc.) to your specifications which makes installation and deployment easier and saves you time and resources
  • Solution is customized to your individual needs which expedites set up and deployment
  • You can easily identify, track, secure and manage assets

Pre-Programming and Configuration

For deployments that require staging beforehand, we can pre-programme and configure the systems to your exact specifications, install desired software, set IP addresses in devices and set up the systems for your hosting service. All hardware is pre-configured and ready-to-go when it arrives on site—saving you and your IT staff installation and deployment time. This service includes installing a custom image, configuring a build to your requirements or installing a customer supplied image.


  • All standard and custom products are pre-programmed and configured to your specifications for easy setup faster installation
  • Configuration and pre-programming are handled personally by us to ensure quality
  • You receive a fully-optimized, integrated solution
  • Custom Solution Integration
  • This covers anything else required to complete your rugged system deployment e.g.

Peripheral Integration / Broadband Device Actuation

  • Encrypted hard drive or software installation
  • Having systems and devices arrive pre-programmed and pre-configured saves time spent on installation and deployment and reduces the need to have an IT staff configure each component, so you can allocate your resources where they are needed most.

To find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, call us on +44(0)1527 512400, drop us an email at or download our Steatite Company Overview for more information on all our capabilities.

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