Military Systems

With many years' experience in the Military sector, Steatite Rugged Systems recognizes that there are a number of challenges facing the Military market. There are a variety of rugged computing products available but choosing the right tool for the job is not as straight-forward as it would first appear. Reliability is a major factor under the toughest of environments and only certain products can meet the challenge. Minimal downtime is essential in mission-critial applications and only the highest quality products should be used for such a task. At Steatite Rugged Systems, we call upon our knowledge and many years' experience to offer what we consider to be the most suitable products for Military applications.

Product Customization

Steatite Rugged Systems can offer a product modification service to adapt your product for use in a specific application. Examples of our capability include the ability to modify the ports on the equipment to include a variety of military-spec connectors through to mounting various products into racks.

Product Customization  

More information on the full range of customization and product modification services we can offer.

Vehicle Installation

In-vehicle computers are fast becoming a requirement for many of today’s commercial applications. Steatite Rugged Systems works closely with a number of recognized vehicle installation specialists to ensure that we can project manage the installation of your rugged laptop or tablet PC to the most professional of standards. We offer a complete “concept to conclusion” service - this means you only ever have to deal with one company – the rugged computing specialist – to ensure that the equipment and installation are fully compatible and comply with your requirement.

Military Vehicle Installation

Full details on our in-vehicle installation service.

Secure Storage Solutions & Data Encryption

On the battlefield, secure intelligence is key to success and we recognise that data security is absolutely paramount in all Military applications. Developed specifically for government organisations seeking exceptional data security, the Stonewood range of hard disk drives offer data protection up to Top Secret security level (Impact Level 6). Trusted by various governments, defence departments and law enforcement agencies across the globe, the Flagstone and Eclypt range of drives ensure that your data remains completely safe. Steatite Rugged Systems is authorised to install and maintain encrypted hard disk solutions and the data contained therein.

Data Encryption

For more information on the data security solutions we can offer please contact our sales team on 01527 512400. 

Did You Know

Did you know that Steatite Ltd has also been a major force in supplying various solutions to the MoD for the last 20 years? The current range of Secure Communications Equipment used by the MoD, “HaveQuick Mobile” was designed by Steatite and is still maintained by us.

We are also instrumental in the design and supply of the upgrade, Saturn Mobile Ground Station (SMGS), which is now being commissioned by the MoD. The GPS timing element included in this system offers a defined future path to the latest Anti Spoofing technology (SAASM.), from the only source currently approved by the US Department of Defence.

We have for many years maintained Precision Timing and Frequency Systems (PTFS) for the MoD. Steatite originally designed this equipment and is now currently working on new designs with the authority.

Our experienced and versatile Engineering Department have the capability and knowledge to design and integrate products into Value Added Technology Solutions for our military customers.

To find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, call us on +44(0)1527 512400, drop us an email at or download our Steatite Company Overview for more information on all our capabilities.

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