At Steatite-Rugged we understand that service technicians in the Utility industry are consistently faced with a variety of difficult challenges. Reliable equipment to provide support to the user is therefore of paramount importance. A light weight rugged notebook, tablet PC, PDA or UMPC can help the technician in situations such as this to obtain the necessary data to complete their tasks efficiently. Utility technicians could be working in a variety of rugged environments and it is essential that their equipment is up to the job.

Steatite-Rugged can offer a selection of products ideal for use in the Utilities sector, offering features such as powerful wireless network access and integrated GPS. Frequently technicians are required to work outdoors - sunlight readable displays and a shock proof design work together to protect data stored in the system and allow field service personnel to collect and check customer data continuously.

We can offer a range of solutions to suit all budgets and applications. We can also offer the backup services to support your users, regardless of their scenario.

Vehicle Installation

In-vehicle computers are fast becoming a requirement for many of today’s commercial applications. Steatite Rugged works closely with a rnumber of ecognized vehicle installation specialists to ensure that we can project manage the installation of your rugged laptop or tablet PC to the most professional of standards. We offer a complete “concept to conclusion” service - this means you only ever have to deal with one company – the rugged computing specialist – to ensure that the equipment and installation are fully compatible and comply with your requirement.

Full details on our in-vehicle installation service.

Operating System Customization

Do you need better battery life on your product? Do you need a more secure hardware platform? Would you like to reduce bootup time and increase performance?

In addition to mechanical and electrical customisation, Steatite is able to support requests for custom operating systems such as Windows Embedded Standard 7 and can supply units with the custom image pre-installed on traditional magnetic media or various forms of flash media.

Through using Windows Embedded Standard 7 you can take advantage of the many benefits of an operating system specifically designed for your needs whilst maintaining the full hardware and software support you have come to expect from the Microsoft Windows XP environment, thus removing the need for heavy redevelopment costs on software currently running under a Microsoft Windows environment.


Please refer to our Windows Embedded Standard 7 section for full details on the benefits of selecting Windows Embedded Standard 7 on your rugged mobile computer.

To find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, call us on +44(0)1527 512400, drop us an email at sales@rugged-systems.com or download our Steatite Company Overview for more information on all our capabilities.

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