Wave Relay® 5 5010 Integration Unit - Available Autumn 2016

Wave Relay® 5 5010 Integration Unit - Available Autumn 2016
Wave Relay® 5 5010 Integration Unit - Available Autumn 2016

Perfect Integration Unit for on-board MANET Radio Technology.Five times the throughput, four times the range than current MANET Radios.DATA, VIDEO & VOICE DELIVERED…

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Persistent Systems’ leading-edge 3X3 MIMO foundation allows Wave Relay® 5 to deliver up to 150 Mbps of actual user throughput and gives Wave Relay® 5 a robust RF foundation in any band.This provides the critical basis for all the networking, video, voice, and data features that make Wave Relay® 5 a diverse communications platform.

Wave Relay® 5 is the computer

Persistent Systems designed Wave Relay® 5 to run the Android™ Operating System natively, reducing end user equipment size, weight, power consumption and cost (SWaP-C) while providing increased capability.Because Wave Relay® 5 is the computer; a user can install and run applications, customize the device for specific applications and reduce the amount of additional devices needed to employ a new end user capability.


Wave Relay® 5 supports 16 channels of multicast audio throughout the MANET. Voice can now be synchronized with legacy systems and networked across a global footprint.


Fully integrated H.264 HD Video Encoding/Decoding allows you to eliminate external video encoders from your infrastructure, reducing your size, weight, and power as well as costs. Connect video cameras directly to the Wave Relay® 5 device, allowing you to stream video directly onto the network for increased situational awareness.

 View multiple video streams simultaneously for rapid information exchange.


3 x 3 MIMO
Extended Range
150 Mbps of throughput
Maximal Ratio Combining
Spatial Multiplexing
Antenna Detection
6W Transmit Power*
Swappable Radio Modules/Radio Boards
RF-1000/RF-1100 - L-Band Frequency Range: 1350 - 1390 MHz*
RF-2000/RF-2100 - S-Band Frequency Range: 2200 - 2500 MHz†
RF-3000/RF-3100 - C-Band Radio in Development
Software configurable bandwidths: 2.5 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 20
MHz, 40 MHz
TX/RX Operating Modes: All modes from SISO to 3x3 MIMO
RoIP Legacy Radio Tethering
Legacy Radio Detection
USB Host / RS-232 Serial
VIDEO 3G-SDI & Composite Input
Integrated HD H.264 Video Encoding/Decodingg
GPS 3.3V Active
Situational Awareness
Cursor-on-Target Compliant
1 Second Updates
PTT / EUD Dual Active PTT Channels
End User Device (EUD) Data / Charging
USB Host / RS-232 Serial
HD Video Output
DATA USB On-the-Go
RS-232 Serial
HD Video Input
POWER Input Voltage: 8 - 28V
NETWORKING Advanced multicast algorithms
Seamless Layer 2 network connectivity
Integrated serial-to-Ethernet capability
Cloud Relay™
DLEP Certified
IPv4 and IPv6 compatible
Integrated DHCP server
USB RNDIS Host and Device
SECURITY Integrated Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration
CTR-AES-256 Encryption
HMAC-SHA-256 Authentication & Integrity
Utilizes Suite-B Algorithms
Cryptographically authenticated Over-the-Air Rekey and Key Zero
FIPS 140-2 Level 1
Rechargeable 30 Day Hold-Up for Keys and Configuration Settings
1.4 x 2.25 x 4.04 inches / 35.6mm x 57.2mm x 102.6mm
7.2 oz / 204 grams
ISO 9001:2008 certified
Manufactured to MIL-STD specifications
Operating temperature: -40° to 85° C / -40° to 185° F

* Technical Specifications quoted are qualified and verified but do not indicate the maximum performance limitations of the equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice. E & OE Issue A