Positioning & Navigation

Inertial navigation systems (INS) integrate inertial motion units (IMU) that, as position sensors for mobile platforms, are greatly enhanced by GPS satellite signals.

It is the combination of GPS + INS that enables a valuable positioning and navigation system particularly for high dynamic vehicles.  These rugged modules offered through our partnership with Geodetics Inc., are ideal for autonomous vehicles and airborne payloads. In addition, virtually any positioning and navigation system can be validated through simulation providing repeatable scenarios and saving the time and expense of real world testing.

GPS Positioning & Navigation Systems

Spectracom Geo-iNav GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System
Spectracom Geo-iNav GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System
  • Centimeter-Level position accuracy (dual-frequency RTK config.)
  • Precise Instantaneous Network (PIN) positioning based on Geodetics’ Epoch-by-Epoch® technology
  • Tight coupling with Geodetics’ GKF Extended Kalman Filter
  • Full post-processing capability using Geo-PostProcessing tools
  • Support for tactical grade and low-cost MEMS IMU’s
  • Support for a variety of IMU interfaces including AMRAAM and SDLC
  • Support for low, medium and high-dynamic platforms
  • In-motion dynamic alignment
  • Mil-Spec ruggedization
  • Optional internal wireless data-link with TDMA capability
  • Small footprint (without external IMU)
  • Light weight
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Spectracom Geo-PNT Positioning, Navigation and Timing Module
Spectracom Geo-PNT Positioning, Navigation and Timing Module
  • Continuous data stream of TSPI (Time- Space Positioning Information)
  • Precise geo- and time-stamping of any sensor or tracking system data
  • Internal GPS receiver (optional SAASM GPS)
  • Operates in the absence of GPS (INS + precision oscillator)
  • Centimeter level positioning accuracy
  • Wide range of PNT interfaces and protocols available
  • MIL-810E rugged for airborne or surface vehicles
  • Low SWAP (size, weight, and power)
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GPS Simulation

Spectracom Multi-Channel Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS Simulator
Spectracom Multi-Channel Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS Simulator
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, upgrade path to all GNSS constellations and signals
  • Up to 64 channels and 4-frequencies simultaneously
  • L1, L1, L2, L2C, L5, E1, E2, E5, E6, [B1, B2, B3 future]
  • P-code, pseudo P(Y) in L1 and L2
  • Purchase only the signals you need - upgrade later
  • Easy to use, powerful, and affordable


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